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What is a Barcode System in IVF Treatment?

One of the questions that every couple applying for IVF treatment has, is whether there is a risk of mixing their own embryos with other embryos or what are the safety measures taken by us in the laboratory to prevent such confusion.

Egg / sperm samples and embryos are safe with a barcoding system!!!

What is Barcoding System?

Personalised barcodes are created for each patient who undergo IVF treatment. Before the patient is taken to the operating room, the system is identified by reading the barcode on the patient bracelet, and the details are confirmed by the patient, if the barcode is not read and confirmed the samples (sperm/egg/embryo) cannot be processed in the laboratory. The system warns and verifies, not allowing any confusion.

Barcodes are resistant within the Cryo tanks!!!

We also eliminate the risk that your barcoded embryo/egg or sperm (which will be stored for years at -196 degrees within liquid nitrogen), will lose their barcode due to environmental conditions.

Along with the barcoding system, all operations in the embryology laboratory are carried out under the control of two authorised persons, thus double control is provided and secured. Moreover, the system records the information of these authorised persons for each patient.