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Sperm donation is applied to couples who do not have a viable sperm sample for a healthy pregnancy or for single women seeking to have a baby without a partner.

Couples seeking to fall pregnant via Sperm donation because there is an absence of sperm after ejaculation or after surgically removing tissue samples from the testicles (TESE) and where a viable sperm sample cannot be found. This is called Azoospermia. Same sex couple , ROPA and single women are also eligible for sperm donation.

Azoospermia, when viable sperm is not found for ICSI, via ejaculation or after being surgically removed;
When they were young, some males may have suffered from mumps or other types of illnesses that cause a fever and can cause infertility later on. Others can be genetically related i.e. Klinefelter syndrome (KS) in that the male carries an extra X chromosome (XXY) or undescended testes (Cryptorchidism) which they can try to correct early on via surgery.
If after many failed IVF attempts, the treatments show a lack of fertilisation or embryo development because of the sperm sample then sperm donation can be considered.
Single women or women in same sex relationships may also seek Sperm donation in order to fall pregnant.

Under Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Legislation we are bound to work with licensed sperm banks. Sperm donors need to be screened for sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, HBsAg (also known as the Australia antigen), Syphilis etc. they are also genetically screened for Cystic Fibrosis, Sickle cell Anaemia and Thalassemia.

There are many credible Sperm banks based in Europe, and on site we store donor Sperm. Matching the right donor sperm is very important, the first match is the sperm donor blood group compatibility, then eye colour in turn with hair colour, couples are advised to match as closely as possible to the male but single women match to the characteristics they wish to have in a donor.
We are more than happy to work with a European sperm bank of your choice as long as we have enough time for the official authorisation from the Ministry of Health, a sperm donor that you wish to have treatment with can be accepted. In turn if a patient has a sperm donor candidate they wish to bring with them, as long as the necessary screening is carried out, we can comply with this request.

The treatment process for Sperm Donation can be Artificial Insemination (IUI) or via IVF treatment. This will be decided based on age, egg reserve, egg quality etc. once assessment has been completed by your doctor, this is why doctors and the chosen centres experience is very important.

The cost of ICSI starts from 4,500 Euros and this includes: