Cyprus Hope IVF Consultation

Why Should You Consider IVF Abroad?

Cyprus Hope IVF Consultation

When thinking of treatment, travelling abroad to North Cyprus is not at the top of the list, why travel so far when IVF is offered in your own country? Here at Hope IVF we can advise you on the advantages and disadvantages, as there are more advantages of travelling abroad to us here in North Cyprus than there are disadvantages:

Now when looking for the right country, many will ask why North Cyprus? Not only is the island a beautiful holiday destination with fully inclusive 5 star hotel options along with sandy beaches and historical ruins to visit to keep you mezmorised, you get to focus on your IVF treatment, without the rush of fitting your appointments with your busy daily work schedule, you get a chance to take a step back and focus on what you really want, to complete your family.

The idea of travelling abroad to a foreign country for any kind of treatment can be daunting and sometimes we question ourselves, am I doing the right thing? When searching for IVF treatment abroad, you not only find that treatment is cheaper than the UK ( by more than 75%) but success rates are higher, so that why becomes a why not?

We help to arrange packet deals for hotel and taxi transfers so you do not have to worry and concentrate of making your treatment a holiday as well. There is a wide option of:

Our expertise are not limited to only IVF treatment but we can perform here pre scans, examinations and Operative procedures here in Hope IVF. Other procedures carried out in are:

Here at Hope IVF, you are offered the opportunity to take a step back and let us do all the worrying for you, we offer guidance from the first time you contact us, with nearly 15 years of experience in IVF, Dr Zehra, and our team that are fully trained in IVF as Counsellors and Coordinators are all here to help answer all your questions and concerns, from the start, to when you are here in Cyprus for your treatment and most importantly when you return to your country, our support continues because you are a part of our Team Z family.