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 From the first IVF baby born  until today  the technological improvements  and new discoveries allowed us to eveluate the genetic structure of the embryo before implantation. Thus many couple suffer from genetic diseases, repeated pregnancy loss or infertility have opportunity for becoming parents. All these improvements also allowed people who want to balance their family via gender determination.

    Because for thousands of years people want to have chance for a certain gender  there  are too many described methods to determine the gender of the baby ( some of them scientifically proven but most of them unproven and traditional; such as Chinese calendar,spesific days for sexual intercourse, some diet methods, babychoise method..). None of the methods is certain. Only performing  genetic  testings on embryo before implantation allow us to see the exact gender of embryo.

    For sex sellection of the embryo  the biopsy is perfomed and cell/cells of embryo removed. After biopsy the remaining embryo is still alive and continues development. For the genetic assesment of these biopsies there are different types of genetic testing. To perform any type of these tests we need to have your embryo via ivf treatment. The genetic testings  below with IVF treatment allow us to sellect the gender of the embryo before implantation. The results are 99,9% reliable for gender.

#FISH   (Florescant In Situ Hibridisation) or PGD (Preimplantational Genetic Diagnosis)

#aCGH (array Compherative Genomic Hybridization)

#NGS    (Next Generation Sequencing)

#PCR     (Polymerase Chain Reaction)






Day of biopsy





Number of Chromosome types checked

Mostly 5 types of chromosomes (3/5/7/9 types)

24 types of chromosomes

24 types of chromosomes*

2 types of chromosomes


Time required to get the result

48 hours

2-3 weeks**

2-3 weeks**

48 hours

Allowing fresh embryo transfer





*Limited number of chromosomes can be assesed ( such as 7 types of chromosomes which are the most common for genetic abnormality) 

**Mainly aCGH or NGS requires 2-3 weeks time to get result there is also option to get the result in 48 hours ( Please ask your coordinator for the details of  express genetic screening testings)

***If you have an express genetic screening test you may have fresh embryo transfer

Comparing  Day 3 and Day 5 Embryo Biopsy 



1 or 2 blastomer is removed

3-5 blastomers are removed

Embryo has 8-10 cells

Embryo has more than 100 cells

High risk for mosaicism*

Lower risk for mosaicism

Allow fresh embryo transfer

Mostly frozen embro transfer is required 

*Mosaicism: Containing normal and abnormal genetic at the same time. For embryo having normal and abnormal cells together. During biopsy no one can understand which cell contain normal or abnormal genetic material until we see the genetic assesement outcomes. When the mosaicism is high the risk for false abnormal results of genetic testing increases. So all the time day 3 embryo biopsy will result with more genetic abnormalities due to embryogenesis itself ( because embryo can heal itself until the blastocyst stage).

Full genetic screening tests ( NGS/aCGH)eveluate 22 pairs of  autosomal and sex (X/Y) chromosomes (24 types of chromosomes in total). So they give us more detailed information about all genetic structure of the embryo. NGS is the new technique. These genetic screening tests are especially recommended  for the couples those the woman is mature age such as over 35 ; couples having  repeated miscarriages or  suffering  from repeated IVF failure .