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Team Z would like to introduce and welcome our new edition to our IVF family #cyprus

Waking up to.the best news ever, the Team.Z family would like to introduce our newest princess , she is beautiful and both mummy and baby are doing well 😍💖💗

As each week passes, you realise how perfect these miracles are #cyprus

Someone is not too convinced about his brothers hat 💙💙🤣 love our Team Z babies

What a lovely surprise post on our page this morning, all the way from down under 😍😘💖 Congratulations and we were happy we helped, she is perfect 😘

Picture perfect, happy Sunday everyone 😍💖

Looks like we have made one big sister very happy in her before and after 🤗, congratulations from Team Z 😍💖💖

We wish the little one a long and happy life, full of joy and laughter.

Perfect in everyway 😊 #cyprus #northcyprus

Iam bosetted aunty Zeren! Who knew a love like this existed? Still counting on our blessings that we found you and Dr. Zehra

Wishing everyone a happy Sunday from Team Z 😊

Smiling at its best, she is perfect 💖😘

All ready for what the week may bring 🤗

Another smile to wake up to today, little man is too cute and so grateful that his smiles are shared with Auntie Z 😍💙

We would like to our team Z family 2 more girls, its been a long and well worth journey as these girls have made one mummy and daddy very happy 😍💖💖

All Team Z babies are made with all the love and care in the world 😍💖💙


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