International Patient Coordinator
Brief info

I was born in London, England in 1981 and the main language is English. After completing primary school, secondary school and college in England, I decided to study psychology in England. I have been interested in psychology in the last two years of secondary school in order to guide other students who need to be guided several courses. I realized that I had the ability to listen and to help, so I wanted to continue this ability as a specialty.

I was born in London in the UK and English is my first Language. My parents are both Turkish Cypriot, so I also speak Turkish as my parents speak both English and Turkish at home. I attended Primary, Secondary School and College in UK. After which I chose to study Psychology at University. My interests in Psychology increased from my last two years of Secondary school as I underwent courses to become a mediator for the other students needed guidance. I realised from a young age that listening and trying to help was a skill I had and I wanted to explore this as a profession. After gaining my psychology degree, I moved to Cyprus and have now been here for 12 years.

I began working in IVF 10 years ago after my sister began researching IVF treatment for herself. We attended the clinic together, where I then started working. Based on her personal experience I witnessed how difficult the IVF journey ahead was going to be. I soon after applied for the counsellor role at the clinic and started my own journey working in IVF. My skills as a counsellor have evolved and I use my skills in line with my role as an international co-ordinator, my own personal experience with my sister’s IVF journey allows me to empathise with patients and the IVF treatment ahead of them. I worked closely with both International and Turkish patients and began my training in IVF treatment.

I find that my role as a counsellor helps me to provide the support needed during IVF treatment as all patients have a desire to complete their family by adding a baby. Patients are exposed to different types of stress throughout the IVF stages and together we aim to overcome these to help them become parents and it is a journey we experience together and patients are supported every step of the way.

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