International Patient Coordinator

Born in the UK and having lived in France, Germany, Austria and currently in Cyprus, my international background and language skills enable me to relate to international patients. I am a native English speaker and am also fluent in French and German which makes my job easier to understand cultural differences, language barriers and initial concerns that can arise when considering IVF treatment abroad. I studied international relations and English language teaching and I have professional experience in a number of fields such as sales and marketing, human resources, education as well as in the medical field. I am a patient coordinator for German, French and English-speaking patients and my job consists of guiding patients through all parts of the IVF process. I provide detailed education and counselling on all our infertility procedures. My aim is to support patients throughout their IVF treatment and make their IVF experience as stress-free as possible, answer any questions and make sure that you are as informed as possible to help us select the optimal treatment for you.
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